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Created by: Bobby Michael
Location: Sydney, Australia
Category: Small Business

Bobby Auto Repair

I have been running an auto repair business for quite some time and was one of the best out there, until this disaster came; 3 months ago while repair and automobile we had an accident which resulted in damaging the main wall, which further lead to a bigger problem, as for now my garage is total mess and due to it, employees are demanding more and more each day.

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Perk 1

Free car wash and car waxing

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Perk 2

Free car wash, car waxing and check-up

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Perk 3

Free car wash, car waxing, check-up and car alignments

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Perk 4

Free car wash, check-up and 40% off on tuning

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Perk 5

Free car wash, check-up and overall 20% discounts)

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Perk 6

Free car wash, check-up and overall 40% discounts

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