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Created by: Jacob Johar
Location: New Delhi, India
Category: Writing

NLP Street Smart Program

I can make you thin, confident, rich and smart!

Custom Pitch Crafting
Press Releases
Social Media Marketing
Custom Video


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This campaign received all of the funds contributed by Fri 15 Mar.


Thank you and One month Email

I will send you daily email for tactics and NLP ready to use techniques everyday for Email , of course a HUGE THANK YOU!

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My 489 pages of NLP Street Smart Programe E Books. AND A HUGE THANK YOU!

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Hard Copy of NLP Street Smart Program with my personal writing thank you notes.

+ free ebook version too I have not yet figure out the freight charge of each country. It should be around $10 max. Please make a note of which country you are from and I will send you individual email to confirm the shipment once the campaign is finished. It will be limited luxury edition with leather finish cover.

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Hard copy limited edition + Ecopy+credit on the book

A huge Thank you and Your name will be listed on my book !

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Ten hours free training session through Skype + Hard copy+ Ebook + 5 CDS

You are the movers and shakers of the success of this project . Your name will be remembered on each book I send out in bold big writing and ten hours 1 to 1 Skype training with me as well as all the benefit

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