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World Online Crowdfunding

for Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Volunteer projects

maybe you want to get away to carry out volunteer work. Raising a project can help you find the funds to help others.

Sporting activities

perhaps your team does not have the funding to get to an away tournament. You can seek funding to help find the money for this.

Education and schooling

reluctant to take on further debt to continue studying? Why not set up a project to gain funds towards your tuition fees.

Celebrating special events

birthdays, leaving dos, housewarming parties and others can be improved with a bit of extra funding.

Illness or other medical issues

maybe an illness or medical emergency has arisen. Your friends may be able to help you raise the money for expensive procedures.


raise funds for a headstone or other memorials.

Weddings and honeymoons

get assistance from friends and family to get your marriage off to the right start.

Religious missions

can be raised to help you get away for your next essential mission.

Getting creative

you may have a great idea for new pictures, painting, books, music or films. Your family and friends could chip in to get you started.


is a beloved pet suffering? You could get assistance in covering vet's bills.

Entrepreneurship and Business

everyone likes new business ideas that will provide products and services to make life easier.


you may need to take a trip that you do not have the money for – perhaps your friends and family can help out?